Town Manager, Joe Moore, presented the Mayor and Board of Commissioners the FY 2023 budget recommendation. A series of budget meetings will be held in the month of May where additional information is provided to the Mayor, Board and the community. Check back each week to see additionally released information and to provide comments as the budget is reviewed and refined with input from the community, the Mayor, and Board. 



The recommendations proposed within the FY 2023 Budget Ordinance reflect a prioritized re-investment of Zebulon’s financial resources. The investments support the services advancing upon the goals expressed by the community and adopted by the Board in the Town of Zebulon Vision 2030 Strategic Plan. The Budget Message provides a description of the investments recommended in the Budget Ordinance by highlighting representative or signature personnel, programs, or projects. The Budget Message also provides a rationale of the investments recommended in the Budget Ordinance by relating them to the Plan’s Vibrant Downtown, Growing Smart, and Small-Town Life Focus Areas.

The FY ‘23 Budget Message, and corresponding Budget Ordinance, is heavily focused upon addressing the appropriate staffing goals of the Growing Smart Focus Area. As highlighted in the Community Needs Assessment presentations at the Board’s Work Sessions this Spring, appropriate staffing is needed to address both capacity and capability issues within the community. Specifically, Zebulon’s growth in service area, and calls for service, requires an increase in Staff’s capacity to meet the needs of a growing community. Zebulon’s demographic growth requires the introduction and expansion of Staff’s capability to meet the changing perspectives, expectations, and experiences of a diversifying community.

The Budget Ordinance is arguably the most important policy document the Board of Commissioners adopts. In short, the Budget Ordinance funds what the Board of Commissioners value, and together with the series of previously adopted Budget Ordinances, they bend the Town’s long arc towards achieving …

A vibrant, growing community that maintains its small-town charm and heritage.