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Diversity Dashboard Survey 2021

Diversity Dashboard Survey 2021

The Diversity Dashboard is a nationwide data collection on the diversity of local government employment in towns, villages, cities, and counties, across all forms of government in the United States.

You should complete the survey for yourself first. If you'd like to report on behalf of your organization, i.e. as an HR director reporting for your CAO (Chief Administrative Officer)/ACAO (Assistant Chief Administrative Officer), please take the survey again selecting "responding as someone else" in the first question, and continue to answer as if you are taking it on their behalf.

Diversity Dashboard is the first and most comprehensive national data collection on the demographics of local government leadership. We have expanded our collection to include all levels of local government positions - not just chief administrative officers - and we’re partnering with a research nonprofit, CivicPulse, to ensure everyone has access to utilizing this data to make real change!

Local governments do not need to be members of ELGL to complete the survey. Data is compiled and shared without names and contact information into an open dashboard, for use by academic researchers, local governments, and others interested in public service diversity. More information is available at, and you are welcome to email Chanté Mitchell, the ELGL Data Coordinator, at [email protected]

For our returning respondents, you may notice that some questions we have asked in the past have been rearranged. Due to our partnership with CivicPulse, we have worked to streamline the questions we are asking to be more consistent with their data collection.

Also, in regard to the race/ethnicity questions we are asking, the answers we provide are intended to be consistent with US Census categories in order to allow for data analysis using Census data. We at ELGL understand that these Census categories are often too broad and do not reflect the diversity of this nation. We look forward to seeing the necessary changes at the federal and state levels to reflect this diversity. 

Diversity Dashboard matters because:

  • What gets measured gets improved.

  • You measure what you treasure.

  • What gets measured gets done.

No matter your favorite quote about data collection, the gist is the same: when you’re paying close attention to trends, you’re better suited to solve or fix a challenge. We know that local government leadership can more closely mirror our community demographics, and the Diversity Dashboard is the starting point to understand what leadership looks like in our communities.

Are you completing this survey for someone other than yourself?
Someone Else
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If you are responding to this survey for someone else, please answer the below questions as that person would respond.

Where is your organization located?
What type of organization best describes the entity for which you work?
Special district
Regional council or conference of governments
Other (please specify)
Select a response
Select the position you are completing this survey for today?
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
Assistant Chief Administrative Officer
Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer
Department Head
Program/Project Manager
Other (please specify)
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In what department do you currently work?
Adminstration (City/County Manager, Budget, Finance)
Public Works
Water Resources
Culture & Recreation (Parks, Library, etc.)
Public Schools
Community/Economic Development
Other (please specify)
Select a response
Which of the following best describes your gender identity?

Note: We at ELGL understand and respect the issues involved in asking about gender and sex. The terms below are used to better align our data collection with US Census data standards while respecting that the Census' methods do not fully encompass the gender identities that we hope to measure in local government leadership.
Transgender Female
Transgender Male
Not Listed (please specify)
Prefer not to answer
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How many years have you worked in government over your career?
Select a response
In what year were you born?
Select a response
What is the last grade of school you completed?
Less than high school
High school graduate
Technical/trade school
Some college
College graduate
Some graduate school
Graduate degree
Doctorate degree
Select a response
Are you of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin?
No, not of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin
Yes, Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano
Yes, Puerto Rican
Yes, Cuban
Yes, another Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin
Select a response
Which of the following best describes your race? Please check all that apply.
Select a response
Which of the following best describes your prior work experience(s)? Please check all that apply.
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Why did you decide to get involved in government?