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Improvements to Fourth St. Woods Park

Improvements to Fourth St. Woods Park


The City will be making improvements to Midtown Green Park in 2021 with funding from the 2013 voter-approved Parks Millage.

 The planning and design process will take place this summer and fall, with construction in Summer 2021. All engagement will take place online. This Phase I survey is intended to collect input on the current and future needs for this park and will be used to create a concept plan of proposed improvements for additional resident feedback (Phase II). 

We encourage the community of all ages to participate. 


Thank you for participating in this survey and directing investments to this important public space!

CONTACT: [email protected] | 616.456.3000

Fourth St. Woods Park is located at the corner of Valley Ave. and Fourth St. NW, across the street from Sullivan Field. 

 Fourth St. Woods Park playground 

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