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Audit and Accountability Committee

Audit and Accountability Committee

The Audit and Accountability Committee provides guidance and oversight of the Office of the City Auditor in the performance of its responsibilities, including municipal audits. Additionally, this committee reviews and provides policy recommendations that promote transparency, accountability, and trust in City functions. Included in their charge is the review of high-profile contracts.

The Audit and Accountability Council Committee comprises five members: three City Councilmembers and two citizen members. The two citizen members should be residents of the City and have applicable experience in financial and/or audit matters and should be knowledgeable in public administration, public financial and fiscal practices, governmental accounting, and auditing. The members serve two-year terms.

Liaison: Kevin Barthold – (210) 207-2853.

Support Staff: Derek Guevara – (210) 207-8572.

Apply for the Audit and Accountability Committee here.
There are currently no upcoming meetings for this committee.

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