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The project logo Madison Master Plan Virtual Open House

The project logo Madison Master Plan Virtual Open House

Since we are not able to hold an in-person public workshop, this site will walk you through a virtual open house for the Madison Master Plan! The virtual open house is designed to allow you to view materials and provide input. This virtual open house will be available from May 11 to May 31. 

If you have any questions about navigating the site, please email [email protected]

Welcome to the Madison Master Plan Virtual Open House!

  1. Please watch the video
  2. Sign in below with your name and email
  3. Review the tips below on how to best navigate this site


(We are not holding any more office hours, but if you have questions about how to navigate this site, please email [email protected] Thank you!)

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Tips for Using the Site:

  • We recommend using a tablet or a computer to engage with this site.
  • Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom on each tab! For more detailed information, you can download the files at the bottom of each tab. 
  • When you see a banner ("what are your thoughts?"), that means there are questions below for you to answer.
  • You can choose to start the virtual open house and finish it at a later time (the open house is live from May 11 to May 31). Your responses will be saved if you use the same device and are on the same IP address. If you provide the same name and email as your first visit to the survey, the system will tie all your responses together. 

What is a Master Plan? 

  • Guides the use of lands to protect public health & safety and promote general welfare.
  • Equal parts an aspirational vision and practical response to land development challenges.
  • NOT a prescription, a formula, or a zoning ordinance, but will include recommendations to regulatory approaches, including zoning. 
  • NJ Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL) requires all municipalities have a Master Plan.


The Master Plan is an opportunity to address current challenges & opportunities and create a vision to guide Madison for the next 20-30 years.


Why now?

  • The previous Master Plan was finalized in 1992, ~30 years ago.
  • Demographic changes, resiliency and sustainability, smart growth, Complete Streets, e-commerce, smart city technology, resiliency and placemaking have shifted the terrain of local planning.​