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Trawick Road

The Marsh Creek Road and Trawick Road corridor provide access to Wilburn Elementary School, Marsh Creek Park, and frequent transit on Capital Boulevard. However, these two streets have little to no pedestrian or cycling infrastructure to facilitate a multi-modal transportation system.

The two streets function as one street connecting Capital Boulevard and New Hope Road. For this reason, the City decided to combine the two streets into one project. The City is planning to widen Marsh Creek Road and Trawick Road to three lanes from Capital Boulevard to New Hope Road.

Proposed Improvements include: Sidewalks, enhanced bus stops, bicycle infrastructure, street trees and, traffic calming. There is also the possibility of a roundabout at the intersection of Marsh Creek Road and Trawick Road.

This project will include stand-alone or integrated public art, which may include a stand-alone sculpture, artwork sited at stormwater catchment site(s), and/or artwork integrated into pedestrian paving, lighting, benches/bike racks or other site elements. The artist will work closely with the design team, project stakeholders, and neighborhood groups to ensure a successful outcome. 

This project is part of the Percent for Art program and is a part of the Marsh Trawick Streetscape Project.

About the Artist

Legge Lewis Legge LLC, (LLL) is an award-winning art and architecture studio founded in 2001 by architect Murray Legge FAIA and filmmaker Deborah E. Lewis of Austin TX, and artist Andrea Legge in New York City. 

We work as a team on conception and design and practical work is divided according the partners’ skills: Architect Murray Legge FAIA, is founder of Murray Legge Architecture in Austin, Texas. Deborah Eve Lewis is a filmmaker, DP, cinematographer and film professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Andrea Legge is an artist and designer based in New York City. LLL is a family business; Murray and Deb are partners, and Andrea and Murray are siblings.
Legge Lewis Legge projects have won many local and national design awards; a National AIA Design Award; a Texas Society of Architects Citation of Honor, and an Austin Art in Public Places Community Arts award among others. LLL has also been included in the Americans for the Arts’ ‘Public Art in Review’ annual honor roll.

We feel that public art is by definition site- and community-specific, and we don’t approach a project with preconceived concepts, apart from meeting practical requirements. We see public art as creative infrastructure for community that incorporates local cultural and natural histories.  


Instagram: @leggelewislegge



Estimated installation in Winter 2023

Public Art - Marsh Trawick Preliminary Art Survey

​ We would like to know more about the public artwork you would like to see along the Marsh Creek / Trawick corridor. If you have questions about the project, or would like a project team...

Community Meetings

Legge Lewis Legge is gathering inspiration and learning about the Marsh Creek / Trawick community. Register in advance to share your stories and thoughts during virtual community meetings held using Zoom, a free video-conferencing software.


Upcoming In Person Meetings:

Color the Corridor and Meet the Artist

Join us for an afternoon of creative coloring, exchanging ideas and eating popsicles. All ages welcome.

SATURDAY JULY 24th 12pm-3pm

Upcoming Virtual Meetings


View Recordings of Previous Meetings

These will be posted after meetings are held virtually. 

Thursday, May 27th: 5pm

Tuesday, June 8th: Noon

About Transportation

The City of Raleigh's Transportation Department consolidates transportation and related infrastructure. From planning transportation projects, system operation, and infrastructure maintenance, the department works to optimize service delivery and position the City for ongoing growth. Services provided by the department include transportation planning, traffic engineering, transportation field services, parking operations, GoRaleigh transit services, and highway maintenance.

About Raleigh Public Art

Mission: To create and integrate diverse artworks into Raleigh's landscape in order to establish a vibrant visual environment that provides public places with civic distinction, as well as fostering meaningful connections between people and place.

History: In 2009, the City of Raleigh adopted ordinances creating the Percent Art Program. The program allocates 1% of funds from capital construction projects for public art. Public art associated with City of Raleigh construction projects is managed by the Raleigh Arts Office. More information about Raleigh Arts can be found at  

The Atlantic Avenue Public Art Project is funded by the 2017 Transportation Bond. Capital Improvement Projects that meet the Percent for Art Ordinance standards, such as this one, are eligible to use 1% of construction funding for Public Art. Inclusion of aesthetics and artwork is an investment in our communities, with a focus toward community identity and equity in quality of life. Communities gain cultural, social, and economic value through public art.