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You can view Mayor Dalina's interview on the Master Plan process here

View the presentation from the Township's Planning Board meeting held on April 22, 2021: here and the video of that meeting below. 


Dowload the Master Plan Flyer to find out more information about the Plan. 

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We appreciate the input and feedback that we have received from the public for the three Master Plan Open Houses that were held at different locations throughout the Township between June and August. You can download the Open House Flyer to find out more about the process. You can also watch highlights of the first open house here as well as the second open house here.

Based on your public feedback, we have been able to develop the draft version of the Township's Master Plan! The Plan can be viewed here



Who We Are

The Master Plan process was facilitated by a Master Plan Sub-Committee, comprised of various town representatives from some of Monroe's Boards and Committees.


The Master Plan Sub-Committee is comprised of several members from the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment, as well as several Township professionals.  This process also includes a Master Plan Stakeholder Committee comprised of various Township representatives. 


H2M Associates, Sam Schwartz, Leon S. Avakian, Inc. and Direct Development are assisting Monroe Township in the development of the 2021 Master Plan.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan provides guidance for a municipality’s planning policies.  It serves as a comprehensive approach to consider a community’s overall needs.


Why is the Township doing a new Master Plan?

The Township is committed to a thorough review of Monroe’s Master Plan that includes providing an opportunity for the community to weigh in on the future of the Township.  The Master Plan review will focus on municipal land use zoning, road and transit improvements. It will set a vision for future open space acquisitions, as well as new parks and recreation planning.


What is covered by the new Master Plan?

The new Master Plan includes the following elements: Goals and Objectives, Land Use, Circulation, Parks Trails and Open Space, Infrastructure and Utilities, and Recycling.

In addition to the elements of the Master Plan, a number of community engagement events are being planned where residents, business owners and other interested people will be given the opportunity to participate in the planning process.


How can I participate?

Valuable insight into the Master Plan will be collected through the Master Plan survey on this webpage and through participation at community workshops and events.

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Monroe Planning Documents

The following documents are some of the Township's key planning documents. These and several others will provide important background information into the development of the new Master Plan. 


2022 Draft Master Plan

2020 Master Plan Reexamination Report

2020 Environmental Resource Inventory

2017 Master Plan Amendment

2016 Fair Share Housing Plan

2011 Master Plan (Part 1)

2011 Master Plan (Part 2)

2009 Master Plan Reexamination Report

2003 Master Plan (Part 1)

2003 Master Plan (Part 2)

Initial Planning Board Meeting

Initial Stakeholders Group Meeting

Community Workshop Meeting #1

Thursday June 17, 2021

5-8pm at the Monroe Township Senior Center located at 12 Halsey Reed Road

Highlights of the event: https://www.monroetwp.com/index.php/news/video-webcasting/1064-mas-plan-6-17-21

Summary of the event: https://publicinput.com/Customer/File/Full/16d2e6e0-b8b9-4c11-9626-52c0988168ac

Community Workshop Meeting #2

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

5-8pm at the Monroe Township Recreation Center located at 120 Monmouth Road

Highlights of the event: https://publicinput.com/Customer/File/Full/c27bc5ea-f07e-43dc-8a6d-e673eaf0ceed

Summary of the event: https://publicinput.com/Customer/File/Full/f583d358-fe22-48ea-8e22-e16743b08920

Community Workshop Meeting #3

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

5-8pm at the Monroe Township Library located at 4 Municipal Plaza

Summary of the event: https://publicinput.com/Customer/File/Full/2996b26d-edb4-4153-bb63-503cc38b960e

Planning Board Meeting - Draft Master Plan

Thursday, August 25, 2022

6:30pm in the Court Room of the Municipal Building

Link to Draft Master Plan: https://publicinput.com/Customer/File/Full/77c6bd90-6bbf-4aa0-bd2f-78bc5d66a4eb