Caldwell Trib Greenway Construction sign with map, contractor name, contact information and general greenway information.Construction has begun!

Construction has started on the Caldwell Station Trib Greenway project. The contractor will be working along the corridor from now until Summer 2023. Please contact Katie Daughtry at 980.314.1014 or [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.


Map of Caldwell Trib Greenway showing trail location, connections to neighborhoods and general corridor information.

Design Options for Neighborhood Connection at Caldwell Track Drive


Image of trailhead with a curved trail and open lawn.



Image of trailhead with trail and plaza with benched seating.

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There are two options for connecting to Caldwell Track Drive. Option A would be a path with a small lawn area that could be used for community gatherings or play. Option B is a more formal plaza and path that would provide a concrete gathering area with seating. Please choose which option you like best and tell us why.

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How do you plan to use Caldwell Station Tributary Greenway?

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How will you access Caldwell Station Tributary Greenway?

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Greenway Master Plan:

Map of the Mecklenburg County Greenway Master Plan

Additional questions? Contact:

Katie Daughtry, Planner

[email protected] or 980-314-1014