The Pennsylvania Avenue East Small Area Plan (SAP) is led by the Office of Planning (OP) and with community input and visioning, will develop recommendations to meet the following project goals: 

Pennsylvania Avenue East Project Goals

​Your input on each project goal will help shape the vision for this small area plan, articulate your aspirations for the corridor, and identify existing gaps and challenges that this plan can help to address. Want to get involved?

Start by letting us know your interest in joining a community visioning conversation below. Then, take our visioning surveys by clicking on the tabs above. Short on time? That's okay! Pick the project goals you're most passionate about and begin providing input today!

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Beginning in May, the Office of Planning will host a series of visioning conversations dedicated to each project goal. Please select which conversation(s) you'd be interested in attending below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Penn Ave Visioning Meetings

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If you'd like to join a Community Visioning Conversation, please provide your email address for meeting updates and announcements.

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What is your vision for the future of the Pennsylvania Avenue East corridor?

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If you could improve one element of the Pennsylvania Avenue East corridor, what would it be?

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