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Welcome to the PlanRC Vitrual Workshop! The City of Rancho Cucamonga is updating its General Plan and we want to hear your ideas about how we should shape our future. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to take some time to think about the various geographies within the City of Rancho Cucamonga. What is the character of different areas in the city? What is unique and different about the areas and how are they similar? During this online workshop you will be asked to respond to various images and concepts - and to provide your thoughts on how they work at different locations within the city. The questions posed in this workshop build upon the community's thoughts and priorities expressed during the preceding months of visioning. 

Please take your time and have fun exploring different ideas for the future of Ranch Cucamonga! If you complete each workshop tab, it may take you around 45 minutes. However, no need to rush or complete it all at once as your information will be saved each time you visit. You are also welcome to provide your input on just a few of the geographic areas. It is up to you - any and all of your input is extremely valuable!  

To get started, please watch the video below.  




As noted in the welcome video, the PlanRC process has captured many community ideas, thoughts and priorities - primarily through two online surveys and numerous interactive virtual meetings focused on specific topics during the Forum on Our Future events. The City has also conducted several stakeholder interviews and roadshows with community groups and organizations. Below are the key topics on which a great range and diversity of viewpoints have been expressed.

Quality of Life

Most community members value Rancho Cucamonga as a safe place to live and enjoy a generally high quality of life. Some people feel that the City continues to improve and is headed in the right direction, while others feel that there is still room for improvement. 



There is a great diversity of opinions regarding housing. There is concern that additional housing may impact infrastructure and services. Many community members are concerned that young families, young professionals and adult children of long-time residents cannot afford good housing in Rancho Cucamonga, while some feel that higher home prices are a good thing. The community has made it clear that a balanced mix of well-planned, attractive housing options is needed to meet the wide range of needs. 


Neighborhood Amenities

Most community members appreciate the City’s many good parks, good schools, safe streets and trails, and neighborhood-serving shops and restaurants. Most people want more of each, but opinions vary as to what types of park facilities, what types of shops and restaurants, and how close to their neighborhood. 


Activity Centers

Many community members hope for more places to go and more things to do.  These include many who hope for “a real downtown” and “nightlife”, others wanting more walkable shopping places like Victoria Gardens, more places for young families and young professionals to be out in public without having to always spend money.  This can include, but is not limited to, larger and specialized parks for community-wide use. 



Jobs and education emerge as a consistent theme in what we have heard. Many people note that the vast majority of residents commute out of Rancho Cucamonga to work, and the majority of local workers commute in from other cities. And many people advocate for a broad range of local employment options, from entry level manufacturing jobs to high-skill tech jobs, and many emphasize the importance of vocational education and higher education in training such a diverse workforce. 



Community members have a rather wide range of perspectives and concerns about mobility and traffic, including concerns that there is too much traffic, that traffic is too fast and noisy and dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists, and that better transit of various types could make a big difference for those who are too young, too old or too poor to drive everywhere or who just want mobility options. Many people advocate for more and safer bike routes and wider, safer sidewalks and crosswalks, while other advocate for more convenient driving conditions. 


Local Community & Culture

Community members strongly identify with and greatly value Rancho Cucamonga’s agricultural heritage, connection to the open spaces of the foothills, mountains and National Forest, and hope for more venues, special events and celebrations related to that heritage, and the visual and performing arts. 



Most community members are interested in ways in which the community could provide better support for healthy lifestyles, including improved access to health foods, more parks and open spaces for active recreations, community gardens, and more opportunities for walking and biking. 



Inherent to every topic of interest to residents, is the question of who gets what, and in what parts of town.  A pervasive theme in the public input is that the level of amenities accessible residents of neighborhoods south of Foothill is low compared to those north of Foothill, and even lower compared to those north of the 210 Freeway. 



Most community members are keenly aware of the danger that natural disasters and issues of climate change pose to the community and would like to see a strong focus on disaster preparedness, improved communication systems and more investment in green energy and technologies. 




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