Charlotte Strategic Parking Plan

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) has developed a Strategic Parking Plan for South End and Uptown, a framework to guide parking management throughout the City of Charlotte, specifically focusing on our managed parking districts. The framework will serve as a blueprint for Charlotte to implement curb lane operations and management strategies that support multimodal access for various users and promote vibrant and thriving neighborhoods.

The Strategic Parking Plan focuses on the city’s managed parking districts of Uptown and South End, representing 95% of the managed parking system. The plan has resulted in a baseline understanding of the current on-street parking environment and recommendations for system management, including recommendations to update the Residential Parking Permit Program. Information collected during planning will guide the city’s decision-making and identify opportunities to enhance on-street parking and curb lane management within Uptown and South End.   


A PDF of the full plan is available for download. 


Pilot Residential Parking Permit Program

Charlotte's Strategic Parking Plan recommends implementing a Pilot Residential Parking Permit Program in the neighborhoods of Wilmore and Dilworth. New development is placing significant parking demand on South End, resulting in the need for on-street parking and curb management strategies in the adjacent neighborhoods of Wilmore and Dilworth.