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The project logo Greenway Master Plan Update Public Outreach Phase II

The project logo Greenway Master Plan Update Public Outreach Phase II

The City of Raleigh is currently updating the Greenway Master Plan to meet the needs of users today and into the future. The following documents represent the work completed during the Greenway Master Plan to date:

  • Previous Plans Review - summaries of findings related to the Capital Area Greenway System (greenway system) from previous planning documents;
  • Existing Conditions Analysis – an assessment of the greenway system’s existing conditions;
  • Public Outreach Summary – description and major themes from the first community engagement period; and
  • Draft Prioritization Criteria – key factors to consider for the prioritization of future greenway trail projects.

Each of these documents is a critical piece of the Greenway Master Plan and will guide decision-making and implementation throughout the greenway system. Your feedback is valuable at this time and in the future of the planning process.

The next step will be the development of draft recommendations. We look forward to using your feedback as we craft customized recommendations for the City of Raleigh. Future opportunities for feedback on the draft recommendations and the draft plan will be provided. Stay up to date on everything related to the Greenway Master Plan at

Previous Plans Review

The Previous Plans Review summarizes planning documents that are relevant to the Greenway Master Plan. These documents provide historical context, influence greenway development decisions, and showcase the impact of greenway development to specific areas of the City. This document organizes these previous plans into three overarching sections: 1) How did we get here?, 2) How do we make decisions?, and 3) Where is the impact of those decisions? 

To view the Previous Plans Review please click HERE. The document will open in a separate webpage. 

Please share any comments/feedback about the Previous Plans Review in the space below.