CapMetro Potential Fare Programs - *Approved*

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Update: July 30, 2022

The CapMetro board approved both fare capping and Equifare programs on July 29, 2022. The board presentation included a summary of the Title VI analysis (see below) and of the community response to that analysis, along with public input received on the proposed changes in fare programs.

We are now entering the pilot phase where internal and community stakeholders will support implementation by testing technology and enrollment to ensure for a smooth rollout early next year.

Once Amp account registration is made available and we’ve begun distribution of Amp cards to the public, CapMetro’s Community Engagement team will perform extensive community outreach including in-person events, community partnerships and street team activations to sign up customers on the spot.

CapMetro wants to make our fares more equitable. We know that low-income customers — who depend on our services the most — tend to pay for their transit passes one trip at a time instead of taking advantage of the savings that come with a day or monthly pass.
To bring those savings to more of our customers, we are recommending two potential fare changes requiring board approval: fare capping and an additional discounted fare category. Fare capping and Equifare would help protect affordability for low-income customers should CapMetro ever raise overall fare prices. We’ll accomplish this through an updated fare payment system built into a new CapMetro App and a physical smart card.

Program Overview

New Account-Based Fare System

The new fare payment system will require customers to register for what we’re calling an Amp account to access its full potential. They will use Amp to add cash value on their new CapMetro App or smart card. Customers will be able to tap their Amp card or scan their phone to pay a fare. Fare capping is a feature built into every transaction that uses Amp.

Fare Capping

With fare capping, customers using Amp never pay more than the total cost of a Day Pass in a calendar day, or the total cost of a monthly pass in a calendar month. It allows customers to pay for one trip at a time and still receive the savings of a Day Pass or monthly pass.

Equifare - A New Discounted Fare

CapMetro currently provides two fare types: Standard and Reduced Fares. We are proposing a new discounted fare type called Equifare, similar to programs already being used in Dallas and Portland.

Customers must meet eligibility requirements for the Equifare rate. Currently, we are looking into using requirements similar to the city of Austin’s Customer Assistance Program, such as the household income limit of 200% of the Federal Poverty Level or enrollment in one of several assistance programs.

Title VI Analysis

We believe this new fare category will increase equity in our community. CapMetro conducted a federally required Title VI analysis to understand how fare capping and Equifare could affect communities of color and low-income population.

Four Nines Technology conducted analysis to determine whether discriminatory impacts to minority or low-income populations would be caused by changes to:

  • Fare products
  • Prices
  • Media distribution
  • Other associated elements 

Upon completing their analysis, Four Nines Technology uncovered no Title VI Equity impacts.

Average Fare Analysis Findings​: The systemwide change resulted in less than 1% difference between minority and non-minority customers, and between low-income and non-low-income riders (within the 2% of the CapMetro threshold)​

Retail Access Analysis Findings​: The proposed reload locations are expected to benefit minority and low-income customers to a greater degree than non-minority and non-low-income customers​. Not impacted by private retailer’s decision to not participate in CapMetro distribution

View the full Title VI Analysis under the Documents section