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Quick Guide for Our Meeting:

  • At the meeting start time, the section below will begin showing the meeting video--please make sure you're signed in by that time, if you can.
  • The poll/quiz content shown immediately below the video window will be described in more detail in the meeting, but feel free to fill it out at any time.
  • The breakout interactive sessions will start around 30 minutes after the start time. We'll split up by geographic area--you'll need to click one of the Zoom links that matches up with the area you're interested in when prompted. We'll talk about the geographies a bit more in the meeting video itself. The Zoom links are located below the poll/quiz questions.
  • If you have more general comments for the team, or are not interested in a specific geography, you can stay on the main meeting page, where you'll be joined by those who are on the phone.
What is a transit gap?
A. A small crack in the sidewalk
B. The space between a bus stop and the street
C. An area where there is a need or demand for public transit, but public transit does not currently operate
D. The minimum distance between a bus and the vehicle in front of it
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On average, before COVID-19, Port Authority provides how many rides per day?
A. 65,000
B. 120,000
C. 220,000
D. 350,000
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Where do you go on transit?
A. Work
B. Shopping, movies, and entertainment
C. Visiting family, friends, etc.
D. Recreational activities (parks, sports events, theater)
E. I don't take transit
F. Somewhere else
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