Understanding Housing Challenges in the Region 

Housing has been a challenge for many households in New Hampshire for years. The New Hampshire Housing Study prepared by the New Hampshire Housing Commission in 1977 discussed “overpayment” (paying over 25% of a household’s income towards housing) as a housing problem. While much has changed since 1977, in recent years, the housing crisis has been exacerbated due to low inventory, high demand, increasing construction costs, and a shortage of labor and construction materials. Housing has become the center of a statewide conversation. Availability of affordable workforce housing directly impacts economic growth and a region’s ability to attract and retain workers and young families that contribute to the local economy and vibrancy of communities. 



Project Information:  

Start Date: September 2021

End Date: December 2022

Funding: American Rescue Plan State and Local Fiscal Assistance

Municipalities: All 


Project Staff:

Sarah Tatarczuk Regional Planner

[email protected]

Tim Roache Executive Director

[email protected]

Jenn Rowden Land Use Manager

[email protected]

Robert Pruyne GIS Manager

[email protected]