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Gateway Park

Proposals for transforming this site into a public park have been discussed since the early 2000's.  The proposed park received mentions in the 2012 Capital Boulevard Study report as a "significant and very deliberate gateway element as one arrives into Downtown from the north."  The "gateway into the city" theme was repeated by respondents in surveys during the project's concept design phase.  The future park will be a highly visible feature traveling along Capital Boulevard.  


Smoky Hollow Park

The area previously known as Smoky Hollow developed in the late 1800's and was an interracial, working-class neighborhood in what was then the northwestern section of Raleigh. Several mills were built in this area of the city, such as Pilot and Cotton Mill, and the Smoky Hollow community was composed of houses for mill and railroad workers.  The name "smoky" may have derived from the smoke emitted by the mills and train engines.  

Nearby neighborhoods around the future park site, such as Smoky Hollow, were residential communities until the 1950’s when both African American and white families were forcibly removed from the area and their homes demolished.

Smoky Hollow’s approximate borders were Peace Street (north), North Street (south), Wilmington Street (east), and West Street (west).  Therefore, the residential neighborhood of Smoky Hollow stood adjacent to—but did not include—the project site area, which was used during this time as a city maintenance facility, baseball stadium, and public playground. 


Robinson-Greenberg Park

Jackie Robinson and Hank Greenberg were professional baseball players from the early to mid 1900's and are particularly celebrated for breaking through racial barriers in professional sports.  Greenberg, a Jewish athlete, entered the Major League in the 1930's.  Soon after, in 1947, Robinson became the first African American Major League player. 

Neither athlete was local, but both have records, albeit brief, of playing baseball in Raleigh.  In 1930, at the age of 19, Hank Greenberg played for a year with the Raleigh Capitals before moving on to other teams across the country. Greenberg’s time with the Capitals was a decade prior to the construction of the former baseball stadium on the project site.

Twenty years later, in October 1950, Jackie Robinson’s All-Star Team stopped in Raleigh to play a much-advertised game against the Raleigh Tigers, a local African American team associated with the Negro League.  The game took place at Devereux Meadow Stadium, which formerly stood on the project site.


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