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City Data Collection:

Between Jan. 20-31, members of the consultant team will be doing field data collection on city streets. Our friendly collectors will wear reflective vests and have information with them identifying themselves as part of the City parking study. 

What is the San Fernando Citywide Parking Management Master Plan?
In fall 2020, the City of San Fernando is launching a Citywide Parking Management Master Plan. A parking management plan is a helpful tool to assist jurisdictions comprehensively address both the location and amount of parking in specified locations. Generally, a parking management plan serves as a road map for how cities can maximize the efficiency of existing parking and support future parking needs.  
Why is the Parking Management Master Plan important?
The plan will allow the City of San Fernando to:

Make parking more convenient for community members, visitors and local businesses by engaging community members in problem-solving for parking solutions

Promote more efficient use of existing parking

Support future parking needs 

Explore options to stimulate the local economy by making commercial districts more inviting for walkers, bicyclists and people who use public transportation

Position the city to capture the full benefit of potential transit-oriented development

Support the San Fernando Corridors Specific Plan

What areas will be included in the plan?
The project area includes all on-street parking areas within the City of San Fernando as well as off-street parking lots in major corridors (see map below). 
As a resident, will this parking study address parking issues on my street?
A goal of the project is to address both neighborhood issues and Citywide issues, creating a balance between improvements to local conditions and area-wide conditions. An improvement on one roadway might create problems on the next roadway, by shifting demand and creating new impacts. Therefore, a system-wide view of improvements also needs to be applied.   
As a business owner, will this parking study address parking issues for my customers and employees?
A goal of this project is to support economic development, and provide a parking supply that works well with the demand generated by local businesses for customers, employees, and deliveries.  Tools that could provide improved parking availability in commercial areas will be reviewed as part of the project. If you have a specific location of concern, please contact us. We'd like to hear from you.  
How does the Parking Management Master Plan work?

The first step is a parking utilization study to collect data to analyze and evaluate the current parking situation on weekday and weekends. 

This data will provide parking management (time limits, use limitations, or other measures) and parking pricing (meters or pay stations) solutions as feasible and if beneficial to the parking system.  

Community members will be invited to provide input on parking through interviews, meetings and workshops, which will be held virtually if needed to comply with current health measures. 

The draft Parking Management Master Plan will be shared with the community for feedback before being finalized.

What’s the timeline for the plan?

The current project schedule:
January-May 2021
  • Conduct the parking utilization study 
  • Define special district requirements
  • Public Outreach
Summer 2021 
  • Define parking meter pricing/On-street parking management solutions
  • Present draft Parking Management Master Plan

How can I get involved?

Attend community meetings, which will be held later this fall and winter, to share your observations and opinions and take our online survey to be released later this year. Request to be added to the email list to stay informed or connect with Parking Management Master Plan Outreach Team Member Thelma Herrera by emailing [email protected] or calling 626.798.4400.
Study Area Map