Project History

ODOT has been studying the U.S. 36/ SR 37 corridor at and near the I-71 interchange in Delaware County since 2003. Multiple studies were conducted between 2003 and 2010 including two safety studies, an access management study, two interchange feasibility studies, and one interchange modification study. Some studies were sponsored by ODOT and others sponsored by private sector development interests.

Short-Term Improvement Projects

ODOT implemented two projects designed to increase safety and relieve congestion at the interchange. The first improvement, installed in 2013, reduced congestion at the interchange.  The second, constructed in 2016, widened and lengthened the I-71 northbound exit ramp to the interchange. These projects provided short-term improvements; however, the steady increase in area traffic is rapidly diminishing the benefits of these two projects.

Studies for Long-Term Improvements

In 2012 and 2014 ODOT sponsored Feasibility Studies to consider long-term improvement alternatives. Studies considered options to improve the existing interchange, construct a combined interchange, or construct a new interchange to the north or south. The study concluded that the construction of a combined interchange to the south (which would integrate with the existing U.S. 36/ SR 37 interchange) and a new east‐west roadway alignment into the City of Sunbury would address the regional traffic needs of the area.  This alternative was further refined in a 2016 Alternatives Evaluation Report (AER), which defined the interchange layout and studied alternate alignments of Sunbury Parkway west of I-71. 

Public Outreach

ODOT conducted two public involvement meetings in 2016 to obtain feedback on the recent studies.  Alignment alternatives focused on the combined I-71 and U.S. 36/SR 37 interchange and the addition of a new roadway (Sunbury Parkway) between Africa Road and Wilson Road.  An image of the presented alternatives is provided below.  

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AER 2016 Alts

Considering the purpose and need, operational performance, public comments, and impacts to the natural and human environment, ODOT determined that the Green Alternative (see image above), was the Preferred Alternative.  As documented in the 2017 Environmental Assessment, ODOT held a public hearing in July 2017 to present this alternative and the associated public impacts and solicit public comments.   

Recent Changes: Sunbury Parkway (east of I-71) and Wilson Road Extension

When ODOT completed project development in 2017, the section of Sunbury Parkway from Wilson Road east to the City of Sunbury and the extension of Wilson Road (see the shaded area in the Study Area Map, above) were expected to be constructed using private funds.

Because development in the area has not progressed as expected, private funding is no longer anticipated. To advance the project using public funds, ODOT is updating the Feasibility Study and considering new alternatives within the Sunbury Parkway and Wilson Rd. Extension Area.

The following studies that were referenced on this tab are available for viewing and download in the Documents section on this page.

  • 2012-2014 Feasibility Study (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • 2016 Alternatives Evaluation Report
  • 2017 Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impacts (FONSI)

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2016-2017: Public Meetings and Environmental Assessment

Did not include analysis of alternatives for Sunbury Parkway and Wilson Road Extension east of I-71

2022: Begin Updates to Feasibility Study

Includes analysis of alternatives for Sunbury Parkway and Wilson Road Extension east of I-71

Spring/Summer 2023: Public Involvement Meeting

Present the updated Draft Feasibility Study (including alternatives considered, findings and recommendations) and request public comments

Summer 2023: Recommend Preferred Alternative

Announcement of Preferred Alternative and request public comments

Winter 2023: Decision on Preferred Alternative

Announcement of the final decision on the Preferred Alternative and next steps