Project Overview

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is engaging Delaware County, Berkshire and Berlin townships, and the City of Sunbury to update studies for improvements of the United States Route (U.S.) 36 and State Route (SR) 37 interchange with Interstate 71 (I-71). The studies consider alignments for the following key improvements.

  • Construct a combined interchange that meets the capacity needs of I-71 and U.S. 36/SR 37. A second I-71 connection to the south would provide access to a new east-west roadway, Sunbury Parkway.
  • Construct a new 4.3 mile east-west roadway, to be named Sunbury Parkway, from Africa Road at U.S. 36/SR 37 east to W. Cherry Street in the city of Sunbury.
  • Extend Wilson Road south to the proposed Sunbury Parkway. 

You may recall that ODOT held public meetings on this project in 2016.  At that time, private funds were committed to construct the eastern section of Sunbury Parkway, from Wilson Road to W. Cherry Street. Wilson Road was also to be extended using private funds.  However, these committed improvements were not constructed as anticipated. ODOT now intends to advance the entire project and is evaluating the best alignment for Sunbury Parkway – which requires the previous studies to be revisited and additional public involvement.

Public Involvement: In June 2023 ODOT hosted multiple public meetings for this project.  See the Public Meeting tab for more information, including ODOT’s responses to frequently asked questions.  You can also download the ODOT Summary of all Comments and Responses from the Documents Section.

Recommended Preferred Alternative Map (click the image to enlarge)

Decisions on Alternatives: General public feedback supports the Recommended Preferred Alternative that was presented during the meetings.  This is the Green Alternative to the west and the Southern (yellow) Alternative to the east.

  • See the Alternatives (West) and Alternatives (East) tabs for more information.

  • See the 2023 Feasibility Study under the Documents Section.



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2016-2017: Public Meetings and Environmental Assessment

Did not include analysis of alternatives for Sunbury Parkway and Wilson Road Extension east of I-71

2022: Begin Updates to Feasibility Study

Includes analysis of alternatives for Sunbury Parkway and Wilson Road Extension east of I-71

June 2023: Public Involvement Meetings

ODOT is holding two virtual and one in-person meeting to:

  • Show the considered alternatives, the Recommended Preferred alternative, and environmental impacts
  • Gather public comments and feedback

Fall 2023: Post Public Comments & ODOT Responses

  • Post a summary of comments from the public meetings and ODOT's responses
  • Show updates to the Recommended Preferred Alternative based on public comments

Winter 2023/24: Post the Draft Environmental Assessment Re-evaluation

  • Post the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) Re-evaluation
  • Request public comments on the draft EA Re-evaluation. 

Spring 2024: Announce the selected Preferred Alternative

ODOT will announce:

  • The selected Preferred Alternative
  • The project’s approved Environmental Assessment and Findings
  • The expected schedule for construction phasing