The 203 Project - Phase 3

This project will be the future home of the Town's Recreation and Parks Deparment, the Orange County Southern Branch Library, the newly relocated ArtsCenter, WCOM and much more! The 203 Project is a combined effort that will offer a community based facility that will provide opportunities for education, art, and togetherness. This building will be accessible to all individuals and will enhance the quality of life in our area.


Please visit the project website for more information:

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What is your highest formal education level?
High School/GED
Some College
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Graduate Degree or Professional
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Parking and Mobility

Parking in Carrboro should be free because it helps drive downtown business

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Parking and Mobility

Parking in Carrboro should be pay-to-park because that will open up spaces (taken up by full-day parkers) for people utilizing downtown businesses

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Parking and Mobility

I would bike to The 203 S. Greensboro Project if covered, safe, and abundant bike parking were provided

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Parking and Mobility

I have difficulty accessing the businesses around The 203 S. Greensboro Project because of "breaks" in safe, accessible pedestrian pathways

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Site Design

What types of programming should be planned for in the entrance plaza and what special infrastructure would be needed to support this?

Teen Programming Questions

What are the three most important elements of a successful hang out space? (pick three)

Comfortable furniture
Easily movable/reconfigurable furniture
Good wifi
Kitchenette for food prep
Technology for sharing (screens video cameras)
Gaming consoles
Helpful mentors
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Teen Programming Questions

Knowing that there are other small/medium/large meeting spaces, sound recording rooms, maker space, theater space, video capture and a media production lab elsewhere in the building, what specific program spaces and /or equipment would be most critical to host in a Teen Center Hub (please limit to your top two ideas)

Teen Programming Questions

The location and visual prominence of the Teen Center Should be (choose one)

Very visible
Not overly visible, but easy to find
Tucked away
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Teen Programming Question

What one word best describe the character of the future Teen Center?

Building Design Questions

What sustainable features would you like to see incorporated into The 203 S. Greensboro Project (choose your top three)

Zero irrigation landscape
Photo Voltaic (PV) panels
Solar Hot Water
High Efficiency building Systems
Reduced parking (less than zoning minimum)
Vehicle charging stations
Low flow plumbing fixtures
Live building performance data screen
Rainwater harvesting system
Educational signage explaining sustainable building features
LED lighting
Other (fill in your own additional ideas)
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Building Design Questions

Which is more important to you

Increase development density by building maximum allowable footage
Restrain square footage so that the building massing matches immediate context
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