ODOT is completing development of the Transport Ohio - Ohio's State Freight Plan and we want your feedback on the draft plan!

Transport Ohio is the Ohio Department of Transportation's (ODOT) state freight plan. The plan describes Ohio's multimodal freight system, key system priorities, how industries use the system, and system needs, issues, and opportunities.

Ohio is a one-day drive from more than 60 percent of the U.S. and Canadian populations. The state is also a well-established base for companies producing and moving goods around the nation and globe. Ohio plays a pivotal role in the global marketplace having the nation’s fourth largest interstate system, fourth highest number of rail lines, eighth most maritime tonnage, and being second in the number of intermodal facilities.

“Ohio’s freight-reliant industries contributed nearly 39% of Ohio’s $695 billion GDP in 2019” 

(Transport Ohio Working Paper 1, 2021)

The freight industry is incredibly competitive. The cost to move materials and products is a major consideration for conducting and locating businesses. It is important that ODOT and regional planning agencies understand freight movements within their regions to ensure that there is fluid movement of goods.  To this end, ODOT has analyzed the freight transportation system in Ohio to understand how it performs for today’s supply chains and tomorrows demands. Transport Ohio presents the results of ODOT’s analysis.

For more information contact:

Casey Clark
Project Manager
Statewide Planning
[email protected]

Mark Locker
Freight Program Manager
Statewide Planning
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