Community Connections Solution Concept Survey

Help us bring advanced transportation service to Tukwila

Almost 300 people took our survey in the fall of 2018 to tell us about transportation needs in Tukwila. We’re now exploring solution concepts to meet those needs.

Tell us what you think by October 27, 2019

As a result of our last online survey, we gathered information about transportation needs and gaps in

Tukwila. Here are the needs that emerged:

My community needs transportation solutions that will…

  • … be available when I need it, for example, during evening, weekends, and off-peak hours.
  • … considers all riders (English language learners, those unable to read, no/low-income, people with disabilities, etc.
  • … is easy to understand and use.
  • … connect to community destinations.
  • … provide a safe environment.

Question title

Do you agree the list above represents the transportation needs in Tukwila?

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Question title

Please rank these transportation needs by importance to you from 1 (most important to you) to 5 (least important to you):

The next sets of questions will be specific to one of the three service concepts below:

Proposed Potential Solutions

  • Expand Via to Transit
  • Community Van Network
  • Bike/Scooter share to transit