Where are we now?

We are currently in the Evaluating Alternatives phase of the study process; to identify and evaluate alternatives. Info about the initial phase, details on the virtual open house and other materials for this Alternatives phase can be found at www.WakeBRTExtensionsStudy.com

After initial screening, the study team identified three (3) alternatives to extend the planned Wake Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): Western Corridor from downtown Cary and Research Triangle Park (RTP).  Your responses are a key component in the process to narrow the Alternatives down to one preferred alternative that will be recommended for implementation.

Activity 1 of 3: Your Relationship To The Study Area

Question title

* Do you live, work or attend school in the study area shown in grey on the map?

Do you live work or attend school in the study area shown in grey on the map?
Yes, live.
Yes, work or attend school.
Yes, live and work or attend school.
Closed to responses

Question title

Home zip code:

Closed to responses

Question title

The map with the grey study area above and the one below both show the Alternative that was identified during the initial phase of the route evaluation process for the Study.

For the first activity, place up to five (5) pins on the map to note locations that you travel to NOW or would MOST LIKELY travel to if a reliable transit service was available. You can mark where you live, work, shop, dine, gather or recreate (to inform potential Rapid Bus station locations).

You have the option of adding a comment to each pin if you'd like to share more information or add an explanation.