The votes are in! The winning projects in East Renton are:

  • Home Repair Fund – Estimated cost $100,000
    • Provide emergency home repair loans to low-income/and or underserved households in unincorporated areas of East Renton.​
  • Revive our Basketball Court at Maplewood Park – Estimated cost $100,000
    • Project will upgrade the existing basketball court at Maplewood Park.
  • Cemetery Pond: Acquisition – Critical Green Infrastructure – Estimated cost $50,000
    • Acquisition of parcels inside the wetland buffer area of Cemetery Pond.​
  • Cemetery Pond and Wetland: Upgrade Public Access and Amenities  – Estimated cost $35,000
    • Upgrade public access and amenities.

If you have comments or questions about participatory budgeting, community meetings, or the Community Investment Budget Committee, please contact:

Gloria L. Briggs
Participatory Budgeting Program Manager
Email: [email protected] 
Office phone: 206-263-8521

Ideas Collection

Learn about participatory budgeting and how to submit your ideas in the meetings being held through the end of February. See below for our meeting schedule and submit your ideas on this screen.

Proposal Development

From March through June, community members volunteering as Proposal Advocates review ideas for feasibility and prioritize projects for the ballot. They will take the ideas and develop them into detailed project proposals (budget, implementation details, and impact), with the help of County project managers.

Proposal Advocates will hold meetings to gather community input on the project proposals being developed.

Voting - August 2 thru August 10

Voting begins Tuesday August 2 through Wednesday August 10.

Anyone at least 12 years old who lives, works, goes to school or worships (attend mosque/church) in the unincorporated area of East Renton, you can participate in THE BIG PB VOTE.