Shown below is a map of the Alice Carter Place park, and the proposed playground and open play/picnic location. The playground will be located on the southwest side of the park near the Meridian Restaurant & Bar parking lot off Westfield Boulevard.

Alice Carter Place playground location

A Public Meeting will be held on February 28, 5:30 PM at the Illinois Street Food Emporium, 5550 N Illinois Street.

You can attend in person or "zoom" in virtually. Sign up at this link:

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Question 1: MSF committed to their funders to develop a children's playground in Alice Carter Place park. Would you prefer:

2 - A fence around the playground and the adjacent picnic/open play area
1 - A fence around the children's playground
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Question 2: What age group do you think the play area should serve?

1 - Toddlers (1-2 years)
2 - Preschoolers (2-5 years)
3 - School-age (5-12 years)
4 - A range of options for all age children
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Question 3: Help us choose what features to offer. Select your five preferred options.

Images are sample representations.

To select your preferences, check the box next to the title of each option.

Please include a climbing structure.
Please include a swing(s).
Please include a slide.
Please include a Story Circle sitting area or gazebo.
Please include a paved trike/walking path.
Please include a music/sound station.
Please include a rotating structure.
Please include a nature trail.
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Question 4: Do you have additional comments or ideas you would like to share?

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Would you like to volunteer to help with the playground?

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I would like to donate to help the playground become reality!

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Redeem free cookie!

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*The Illinois Street Food Emporium will give you a free cookie. Just walk in and say "I completed the Alice Carter Place playground survey".