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Biden-Harris Administration Announces Funding for 166 Projects to Modernize Transportation Across the Country and Make it More Affordable, Increase Safety and Strengthen Supply Chains

President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law more than doubles the funding for popular RAISE Program this year


Read full announcement made on August 11, 2022 listing successfull projects. 

RAISE 2022 Project Fact Sheets



Eligible Sponsors

  • Local governments;

  • Public agency or publicly chartered authority established by one or more States;

  • Special purpose district or public authority with a transportation function, including a port authority;

  • Federally recognized Indian Tribe or a consortium of such Indian Tribes;

  • Transit agencies; and

  • Multi-State or multijurisdictional group of entities that are separately eligible

Eligible Projects

  • Capital Projects:

    • Highway, bridge, or other road projects eligible under Title 23, United States Code;

    • Public transportation projects eligible under Chapter 53 of Title 49, United States Code;

    • Passenger and freight rail transportation projects;

    • Port infrastructure investments (including inland port infrastructure and land ports of entry);

    • The surface transportation components of an airport project eligible for assistance under Part B of Subtitle VII of Title 49, United States Code;

    • Intermodal projects;

    • Projects to replace or rehabilitate a culvert or prevent stormwater runoff for the purpose of improving habitat for aquatic species while advancing the goals of the RAISE program;

    • Projects investing in surface transportation facilities that are located on Tribal land and for which title or maintenance responsibility is vested in the Federal Government; and

    • Any other surface transportation infrastructure project that the Secretary considers to be necessary to advance the goals of the program

  • Planning Projects:

    • Development of master plans, comprehensive plans, integrated land use and transportation plans, or corridor plans;

    • Planning activities related to the development of a multimodal freight corridor, including those that seek to reduce conflicts with residential areas and with passenger and non-motorized traffic;

    • Development of port and regional port planning grants, including State-wide or multi-port planning within a single jurisdiction or region; or

    • Risk assessments and planning to identify vulnerabilities and address the transportation system’s ability to withstand probable occurrence or recurrence of an emergency or major disaster

Funding Requirements

​Minimum grant award - $5,000,000 (Total project cost must be $6,250,000)

Federal Share - 80%

Funds must be obligated by September 30, 2026


Notice of Funding Opportunity

Deadline - April 14, 2022


NOFO Released


April 14, 2022

Award Announcement

August 11, 2022

RAISE 2022 Fact Sheets