Lyon Court Connector Plan & Profile Condensed

General Information:

Why is this bridge being installed?

This pedestrian bridge was a requirement for the development of the Veteran Lane apartments and was initiated in 2015.  The developer provided funds for the County to install the bridge.  The bridge installation was delayed due to the City of Charlotte Storm Water project along Lyons Court.  Design, permitting, and logistics were restarted upon completion of the City Storm Water Project.


What kind of bridge will be installed?

The bridge will be a pedestrian/bicycle bridge only.  The bridge will be a modern polymer, light weight bridge with an 8 foot wide travel lane.  Bollards will be placed on each end to prevent any vehicular traffic from attempting to cross. 


Will this bridge impact any FEMA floodplains or wetland areas?

No.  The small stream is not a designated FEMA floodplain.  An environmental impact study was produced for this project and it did not indicate the presence of wetlands in this area.   The proposed pedestrian bridge is being installed in an area of previous construction activities.  


What about increased trash from pedestrians?

Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation will be responsible for maintenance of the bridge and surrounding areas.  A permanent trash receptacle will be installed on the Lyon Court side of the bridge.  There are existing trash cans on the Veteran Lane side of the project.


Who is paying for the bridge?

Funds for the purchase and installation of the bridge were received from the developer of the Veteran Lane apartments in 2015.  These funds will cover most of the project.  Any additional funds will be drawn from the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Capital Fund.


Can the construction of the bridge occur from the Veterans Lane side of the project?

No.  Construction access will be from Veteran Lane and from Lyon Court.  Traffic control plans are included in the final plan set.


How long will it take to complete construction?

Anticipated construction duration is six to eight months. Construction is tentatively scheduled for Mid 2022.

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Do you have any additional comments or questions about the project?

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Would you like to provide your contact information for future project updates?

Additional questions? Contact:

Robert Billings, Project Manager

[email protected] or 704-572-7813


Darneka Waters, Planner

[email protected] or 980-722-2291