Clark County employees can participate during working hours with a supervisor's permission, during a scheduled break or time-off

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Tour the Southern Nevada Recycling Center!

Tour the largest and smartest residential recycling center in North America. The 110,000 square foot facility is home to highly advanced, state-of-the-art recycling technologies. The interactive...

All-In Clark County - County Operation Plan

With All-In Clark County, the County aims to promote sustainable practices and climate action to ensure it can continue to thrive in the face of climate change. 

Sustainability Education Interest Survey

Tell us what sustainability topics, events and activities interest you!

Energy Awareness & Conservation

Energy use in Clark County's operations comes in many forms, from cooling the County's 112 buildings in the summer months and powering traffic signals to lighting office space and using appliances....

Addressing Urban Heat Islands

Urban Heat Islands occur when cities replace the natural land cover with dense concentrations of surfaces that absorb and retain heat. This effect increases energy costs, air pollution levels, and heat-related...

Water Conservation & Protection

Over the past two decades, the Southern Nevada Water Authority established one of the nation's most comprehensive and aggressive water conservation programs in Southern Nevada. Water conservation is...

Battery Recycling Program

All-In Clark County's battery recycling program: It’s easy! Follow these steps:1.) Check out the list below of the type of batteries we can and cannot accept. 2.) Bring in dry-cell...

Waste Management & Reduction

Home to both the country's largest landfill and the largest residential recycling facility, Clark County is constantly working to divert waste from a growing population. But do you know what you can...

Driving Electric Vehicles

Learn about the many benefits of driving all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, at work charging etiquette, and the County’s alternative fuel vehicles goals.Learn more here: Clark County...

Free-Time Activities

Everyone can help limit climate change. Our lifestyles have a profound impact on our planet. Our choices matter, we can make a difference. Around two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions...

Vehicle Repair Program Presentation

Clark County is rolling out a program to assist drivers in getting their vehicles repaired so they can pass the state-required smog checks. Our goal is to keep you moving while improving air quality. Beginning...

Urban Birds in Clark County

Learn more about local birds, how they're adjusting to climate change, and what they can teach us as concerned citizens.

Climate Solutions at Work Guide

Project Drawdown’s research shows the world can reach drawdown by mid-century, if we make the best use of all existing climate solutions.This guide is for employees concerned about climate change,...

All-In Clark County Resource Center

This resource center provides access to plans, reports, and fact sheets for initiatives focused on addressing climate change and creating more equitable, sustainable communities in Nevada. Here, you can...

Sign-Up for Club Ride

Club Ride is a FREE program of the RTC designed to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion by encouraging: Riding the Bus Bicycling Motorcycling Walking Carpooling - Club...

Claim your All-In Education Certificate!

Claim your All-In Education Certificate after completing seven learning opporotunities! We give this certificate to recognize the importance of education and training to address...

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, employees can participate during working hours with a supervisor's permission. Please do not use PTO to participate. Thank you!


If it is an in-person event please contact Olivia Burns to cancel your registration. If it is a virtual event, no action is needed.

[email protected] 702-455-4302

Education & Engagement – Sustainability & Climate Action Fellow

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Education and Engagement
Sustainability & Climate Action Fellow
Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability
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