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The project logo VB 2019 Planning and Beyond

The project logo VB 2019 Planning and Beyond

The Virginia Beach City Council is seeking residents' input on what they believe should be the City's goals and priorities. The feedback will help the Council plan for and allocate resources. 

Deadline for participation in this survey is Friday, February 8, 2019. 

How important are each of the following priorities for Virginia Beach?
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Select your single most important issue for Virginia Beach.
Stormwater drainage and flood control
Economic development - more good jobs
Health care services
Neighborhood improvement
Road infrastructure
Affordable housing
Public school education
Parks and trails
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What three words come to mind when you think about Virginia Beach today?
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From your perspective, what three words best describe Virginia Beach as compared to other places?
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When you think about a place you’d really want to live, how important are each of the following to you?
A place that. . .
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How well do you think the following attributes describe Virginia Beach today?
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What three words do you hope people use 10 years from now when they describe what Virginia Beach is like as a community – the values that define the people who live here.
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What, if any, suggestions or feedback do you have for City Council to help improve Virginia Beach as a community?
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Where do you live?

Move the circle by dragging it to your home or search for your address and zip code to center it in the area.

Provide your contact information to receive updates and notices of other City surveys (optional - use "submit" button to complete this section or skip to "complete").