The VIA Transit Community Council (“Council’) is an ad hoc committee established by the VIA Board of Trustees whose purpose is to assist the VIA Board of Trustees and the Advanced Transportation District (“ATD”) Board of Trustees (collectively the “Board”) in clarifying and advancing the purpose, understanding, and image of VIA as an essential leader in regional transportation thinking, planning, and implementation by achieving increased multi-modal mobility, and promoting economic development and sustainability in the region.

The Council will act both in an advisory capacity to the Board and as an engaged liaison with the public-at-large, the business sector, and other major civic organizations and stakeholders.

The Committee’s areas of focus include:

· Proactively communicate the purpose, role and community impact of VIA/ATD

· Assess and build respect and credibility of VIA/ATD in the community as an essential and effective public utility

· Serve as enthusiastic transit ambassadors to strengthen lines of communication with the community at-large and provide feedback to the President/CEO and VIA/ATD board on opportunities and issues of concern

· Identify and advocate for opportunities to partner and leverage resources for shared vision projects


The Council will have no more than 20 members, and no less than 12 members, serving at any one time, including a Chair and Vice-Chair. No alternate or proxy is authorized for a member of the Council.


The Board of Trustees will select the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council. Each position shall hold office for a one-year term, which may be renewed at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.


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