For more than 40 years, VIA has kept San Antonio moving. As we’ve grown and changed with the region, we’ve worked closely with you, our community, to develop plans for a more mobile future. As part of our FY 2021 Budget, we’re shifting what it means to “reimagine” our system, our service and our role in helping our economy and our city recover. We’re in this together, and we’ll keep moving San Antonio forward, together.

Proposed FY 2021 Budget

The proposed FY 2021 VIA budget does not include a reduction in service levels or propose a fare increase.

Budget Timeline

FY 2020 Adopted Budget

To track how VIA did over FY 2020, visit the VIA performance dashboard by clicking here.

Spring 2020: COVID-19 Service Cuts & Essential Service Implemented

In the Spring of 2020, ridership across transit entities across the nation saw a significant decline. To still best serve the community and to take account the various orders to Stay Home and Work Safe, VIA launched its essential service in April and would continue to modify this service based on demand.

September 10th: Proposed Budget Public Hearing

The public meeting comment period closes on September 18th.

If you would like to leave a comment for VIA staff, scroll to the bottom of the page to submit one. If you would like to email your comment, you mail email [email protected] You can also reach staff at (210) 326-2389.

September 22nd: FY 2021 Budget Adoption

The Board would vote to adopt the proposed FY 2021 budget. At this VIA Board Meeting on September 22nd, members of the public can still provide feedback to VIA Trustees.

October 1st: FY 2021 Begins

Proposed FY 2021 Service Plan

FY 2020 Budget


FY 2021 Preliminary Budget

Without COVID-19 Cleaning, Election Cost and Education Program Expenses Included



FY 2021 Preliminary Budget

With COVID-19 Cleaning, Election Cost and Education Program Expenses Included



Without these one-time costs of COVID-19 Cleaning, Election and Education Program Costs, VIA would save $3.8M.

FY 2020 and 2021 Preliminary Budget ComparisonCOVID-19Cleaning,ElectionandEducationExpensesBudgetFY 2020FY 2021050100150200250300FY Budget YearAmount ($M)
Time of DayBudgetCOVID-19 Cleaning, Election and Education Expenses
FY 2020249.40
FY 20212453.8
FY 2021 Projected Budget SavingsAnticipated Savings in $M
Service level savings($4.9M)
Employee operational savings($3.3M)
Contractual savings($1.3M)
Advertising Spending($1.1M)
Other miscellaneous savings($2.6M)
Total savings, over FY 2020 budget($13.2M)


FY 2021 Projected Budget Increases | Including one-time expense itemsAnticipated Impact in $M
Anticipated increases
Other Personal Employee  Benefits$3.4M
Increased pension obligation$0.7M
Hourly wage increase, as of August 1, 2020, cost impact for FY 2021$1.9M
Increased healthcare cost inflation$1.1M
Materials and supplies, buses coming off warranty$1.4M
One Time Expenses
COVID-19 cleaning contract and PPE supplies$1.6M
November 2020 Election Administration$0.5M
Education Program$0.7M
Total of projected budget increases$11.3M


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