King County Youth Bill of Rights Survey

Thank you for participating  in the King County Youth Bill of Rights survey. Please fill out all required questions and hit submit at the end of the survey to make sure your voice is heard. 


High Schools from all corners of King County are invited to compete for a free photo booth at an eventof their choice during the 2022-2023 school year.  The school with the highest percentage of participation and the highest number of student body participation will win! Go to to learn more!



Can I participate in the Youth Bill of Rights Project?
If you live in King County and you are a young person 24 years of age or younger, you can participate.


Why should you care about the King County Youth Bill of Rights (YBOR)?
The YBOR affects you (as a youth resident in King County)! By making your voice heard, leaders keep you and your community’s needs in mind when decisions are made. In 2015 youth requested the YBOR as an opportunity for center youth voice in King County plans and policies. Click HERE to view the King County Youth Action Plan Appendix C which contains the action requested by the King County Council. 


What are we doing with the YBOR survey information and data?
King County staff in partnership with the Youth Bill of Rights Taskforce will use the information and data gathered to identify common themes from the youth who responded. The survey themes will be the foundation of the YBOR and guide the task force as the document is written. 




September 2021 - October 2022

Declare your rights! Young people from all over King County will provide input by completing a brief questionnaire that asks what they believe youth rights should be.


 February 2022 - November 2022

King County Youth Bill of Rights Task Force and members of the the King County Children and Youth Advisory Board Young Leaders Subcommittee will review input provided by young people and group the rights into common themes.


November 2022

Youth  Bill of Rights list will be sent out to young people in King County for a vote.  Youth will be asked to weight their top four rights to be considered in the final document.  The YBOR Task Force will consider those votes as they work to create a final list of rights.


December 2022 - March 2023

King County Youth Bill of Rights final document will be edited and amended by the YBOR Task Force and sent the the King County Children and Youth Advisory Board for approval vote. A report will be generated. The final bill of rights will be shared with decions makers in King County. 

Meet Bill!   Bill is an old-timer for Schoolhouse Rock (see the below YouTube Video). The King County Youth Bill of Rights may only be headed to our local county lawmakers and not to the nation's capital, the process  is basically the same.  See if your parents remember "Bill".

Did you know that everyone who submits an entry or "declares their rights" will have an opportunity to win one of ten $100.00 gift cards. Yep! As long as you enter a valid email address, are eligible to participate (5-24 years old), provide your zip code, and add at least one valid right you will be placed in a random drawing for one of the gift cards.   We also will be giving away weekly prizes over the next six months for folks who participate during the given week. Thanks for your input!

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