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The project logo Hillsborough County Needs Your Feedback

The project logo Hillsborough County Needs Your Feedback

Hillsborough County would like your feedback so we can continue to provide you and your loved ones with the most useful information and resources during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Please note, data is aggregated and may be visible; however, this survey is anonymous and individual responses are not visible.

We appreciate your feedback!


What zip code do you live in?
How many people (including yourself) live in your household?
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How knowledgeable are you about COVID-19?
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Tell us which is your preferred method to receive information about the COVID-19 pandemic.
Text Message
Social Media i.e. Facebook, Twitter
Online - (email, website)
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How seriously are you practicing the following to keep you and your loved ones safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?
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Which (if any) of the following factors prevent you from getting tested for COVID-19?
Lack of transportation
Ability to pay for testing
Don't have insurance to pay for the test
Ability to pay for the treatment to help me recover from COVID-19
Afraid to get tested
Live alone and do not have a caretaker
Injury or disability prevent me from leaving my home
I don't understand the testing process
I don't want to be separated from my family
I don't want to be judged if I have it
Not concerned about it
I don't have the symptoms/I don't feel sick
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What are your household's concerns right now regarding COVID-19? (Select all that apply)
Members of my household becoming infected
Food and supply shortages in the stores
Helping my children with online schooling
Keeping my children occupied and active during the pandemic
Being able to feed my family
Impact on my community
Not having anything to do
Not being able to workout/exercise
The emotional/mental health of my household
Access to medical services (e.g. emergency care, basic medical care and needed prescriptions)
Not being safe, because I am not comfortable wearing a mask in public
Not being able to do things I love to do
Loss of income/reduction of income
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What kind of information would be helpful to your household in preparing for COVID-19?
The symptoms of COVID-19
The ways the disease is transmitted
The geographic areas that have higher outbreak rates
The behaviors I need to use to help prevent catching the virus
What to do if someone in my household shows signs of the virus
The current CDC recommendations for keeping my household safe
How to access and make needed food and supplies last
I feel like I have all of the information I need at this time
Current information on the restrictions and guidelines to stay safe
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If you or a family member were showing symptoms such as fever, cough, or tiredness, would you get tested for COVID-19?
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