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Meet the Contractor

The City hosted a virtual Meet the Contractor meeting on Thursday, May 4.


The City’s Transportation and Public Works Department identified approximately $4 million in emergency funds from its operating budget for this project. The Capital Delivery Services Department is managing the project through all phases of design, construction and inspection. 


William Cannon Drive is a major two-way, east-west arterial roadway in south Austin. A bridge connects West William Cannon Drive across a Union Pacific railroad line. The bridge spans between Cannonleague Drive to the west and Woodhue Drive to the east. Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls support the bridge on each side. 
In August 2022, cracks formed in the roadway surface of the west side of the West William Cannon Drive bridge. Potholes formed over the cracks on the asphalt surface of the roadway. This damage was caused by sediment movement beneath the asphalt.  
The City of Austin temporarily closed two eastbound lanes to address the potholes. Crews made temporary repairs to the roadway surface to make the road safe for driving again.