Westfield Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan

Westfield Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan

The Town of Westfield is beginning the process of updating its Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan. When complete, the plan will provide a vision to guide the future development, operations, and programs of the Town’s parks, recreation, open space, and trail system.  The Town and Consultants will use a variety of public input methods to engage as many citizens as possible.  Your input is crucial to determining the services that are most desired to serve the citizens and visitors of Westfield.

The process will take about nine months to complete, with a goal to have the plan complete in late 2019.    

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Where do you live?

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1. Have you (or those who live with you) visited any parks or recreation facilities offered by the Town of Westfield in the past year? (see Question #3 for list of Town Parks)
No (Skip to Question #5)
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2. If you answered YES to Question #1, how often did you (or those who live with you) visit during the past year?
1-5 visits
6-10 visits
11-19 visits
20 or more visits
Don't know
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3. Please check ALL parks and recreation facilities you (or those who live with you) visited in the past year. (Select all that apply)
Brightwood Park
Clark Park
Dunham Ave Bird Sanctuary
Gumbert Park
Houlihan/Sid Fay Fields
Lincoln School Playground
Memorial Park
Memorial Pool
Mindowaskin Park
Sycamore Field
Tamaques Park
Windsor Park
Other. Please comment below.
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4. Overall, how would you rate the physical condition of the facilities you have visited?
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5. Have you (or those who live with you) participated in recreation programs offered by the Town of Westfield in the past year?
No (Skip to Question #7)
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6. How would you rate the quality of these programs?
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7. Please check ALL the upgrades you would like to see to existing parks in Westfield. (Select all that apply)
Shade structures
Drinking fountains/bottle filling stations
Other. Please comment below
New/improved restrooms
Walking/hiking trails
Sports fields lighting
Outdoor basketball courts
Security cameras and lighting
Artificial turf fields
Sand volleyball courts
Improved parking
Handicap accessibility
Picnic shelters
Trail lighting
Trees and landscaping
Batting cages
Playground equipment
Outdoor netted area
Bike trails
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8. Which facilities would you (or those who live with you) most like to see developed or expanded? (Please select up to FOUR options)
Community/recreation centers
Small neighborhood parks
Sand volleyball
Senior center
Indoor gymnasium space/game courts
Skateboarding area
Mountain bike trails
Disc golf courses
Outdoor basketball courts
Ice rink
Community gardens
Natural areas/nature parks
Baseball and softball diamonds
Walking and hiking trails
Upgrade Memorial Pool
Spraygrounds/splash pads
Other. Please comment below
Pump track/BMX course
Off-leash dog parks
Soccer, football and lacrosse fields
Picnic shelters/picnic areas
Golf courses
Large community parks
Tennis courts
Outdoor stage or ampitheater
Wrestling room
Indoor swimming pools
Paved bike trails
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9. Which programs would you (or those who live with you) most like to see developed or expanded? (Select up to FOUR options)
Youth summer camp programs
Water fitness programs
Teen programs
Preschool programs
Summer concerts
Adult sports programs
Other. Please comment below
Nature programs
Adult art, dance, performing arts
Youth Learn to Swim programs
Youth sports programs
Special events (festivals, parades, fireworks, etc.)
Before and after school programs
Youth fitness and wellness programs
Pet exercise/programs
Programs for persons 50+
Adult fitness and wellness programs
Martial arts programs
Programs for mentally/physically challenged
Youth art, dance, performing arts
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10. If the Town of Westfield were to develop (or partner to develop) a new recreation center, which facilities would you use? (Select all that apply)
Walking track
Game courts/gyms (basketball/volleyball/pickleball courts)
Aerobics/dance room
Cardio room
Free weights
Multipurpose meeting room
Banquet hall
Game room
Lap pool
Family activity pool
Warm water therapeutic pool
Other. Please comment below.
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11. Please check ALL the organizations you (or those who live with you) use for parks and recreation activities.
Westfield Recreation Department
Westfield Public Schools
Union County Parks
New Jersey State Parks
Homeowners Association (HOA) Parks
Private schools
Private youth sports leagues
Faith-based institutions
Private clubs (tennis, health/fitness)
Country clubs/golf courses
Neighboring communities
Westfield Area YMCA
Westfield Library
Westfield Community Center
Westfield Neighborhood Council
None. Do not use any organizations.
Other. Please comment below.
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12. Please check ALL the reasons that keep you (or those who live with you) from using parks, recreation facilities, trails, and programs of the Westfield Parks and Recreation Department more often. (Select all that apply)
Class full
No transportation
Program times are not convenient
Facility or program not offered
Fees are too high
Security of safety concerns
Do not know what is offered
Other. Please comment below
Availability of parking
Use facilities out of town
Too far from our home
Poor customer service by staff
Poor condition of facilities
Use other agencies' facilities (County, School, Armory, etc.)
Personal disability
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13. Counting yourself, what are the ages of the people in your household?
14. What recommendations would you like for the Town of Westfield to consider in the Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan?