Eligible Funding Categories
Affordable housing
Care for aging residents
City infrastructure
Climate Change
Community communication
Domestic violence prevention and assistance
Food systems
Homelessness services
Small business recovery
Workforce development




Tenative Timeline for the ARPA Process

July 27:    Worksession #1     Presentation
August 24: Worksession #2     Presentation
September 14: Council to approve category allocation
September 27: Open RFP process to the community
To submit project proposals and for detailed instructions visit the City of Asheville Bid Page
October 13:    

Community Investment Meeting: 

ARPA RFP Review and other local investment opportunities


November 15:  Due date for RFP proposals
Nov - Dec:   RFP evaluations and staff recommendation of project awards
January 11, 2022:    Council approval of final project awards



Following the November 15 deadline, a team will review all proposals and evaluate them based on the following criteria:

  • Equitable community impact - 40%

  • Project plan and evaluation - 40%

  • Organization qualifications - 20%