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Do you consider plastic litter to be a problem?

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After garbage collection in your community, how often do you see additional plastic or expanded polystyrene [StyrofoamTM] litter on the street or sidewalk?

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Where do you see plastic litter in your neighborhood? Select all that apply.

In trees
In storm drains
In rivers, creeks and waterways
Roadways, beside the road
I don't see plastic litter
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In order from most common to least common, how often do you see these products as litter?

Click and drag each option into the box above so that the item most commonly seen as litter is at the top of the list and the item least commonly seen is at the bottom of the list. After you have ordered your list, please click the green 'Confirm Priorities' button.

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Single-Use Plastic Reduction

City Council is considering whether to pass an ordinance (local law) to reduce litter in our community by restricting plastic bags and/or Expanded Polystyrene [Styrofoam™] containers, items that are typically used once and then thrown away ("single-use"). Examples of products under consideration are plastic bags provided by stores at check-out and disposable foodware containers (Styrofoam™ cups or boxes) provided by restaurants or hot bars for carry-out orders.

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If the city were to further restrict single-use plastic, what additional products would you like to see included?

Click and drag each option to move the items, in your priority order, into the top/next priority box. When complete, click the green "Confirm Priorities" box.

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Which of the following would support compliance with a single-use plastic reduction ordinance?

Free or discounted reusable containers and bags
Points system (think stars or punch cards at your favorite coffee shop, you bring your own mug 5 times and the 6th coffee is free))
Fee charged for bags distributed
Trade in program (Opportunity to swap any non-compliant materials with compliant materials)
No incentives are needed
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If the city restricted single-use plastic, how much time should there be between adoption of an ordinance by City Council and implementation?

6 months
1 year
More than 2 years
2 years
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I wish to complete the remainder of the survey from the perspective of:

A city resident
A business owner (or representative of a business) AND and a city resident
A business owner/operator or representative of a business
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