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The project logo Metro Atlanta Artist Survey

The project logo Metro Atlanta Artist Survey

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Community Development Group and our partners - Fulton County Arts and Culture, the City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs, the City of Atlanta Department of City Planning, and Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. - are working together to create a directory of metro Atlanta area artists, that we can call on to work in partnership on community development and engagement projects. Insights collected from this survey will also be used to guide successful partnerships between artists, planners, and local government.

The goal of this survey is identifying artists interested in civic work and opportunities for us to support these artists as we work toward integrating arts and culture into our agency's programs, practices, and policies.

The following survey has 25 questions and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

What is your age?
Under 18
Over 75
Prefer not to answer
Select a response
Which race/ethnicity do you identify with? (Select all that apply)
Select a response
Describe your current gender identity and/or pronouns.
What is your primary place of residence?
Select a response
Please specify the city or neighborhood in which you live.
In which area(s) do you work?
Select a response
Please specify the city or neighborhood in which you work.
What is/are your artistic discipline(s)?
Select a response
Which projects have you worked on?
Select a response
How would you define where you are in your artistic career?
Select a response
Where have you showcased your work?
Select a response
How do you generally find artistic opportunities?
Select a response
Briefly describe your artistic practice and motivations.

If available, you may include an artist statement.

Do you have experience with civic or social practice?

That is, do you consider yourself as engaging in or contributing to any of the following: community-based or community-engaged art; community engagement; public art; community cultural development; participatory art; or social practice art?

Yes, I have experience with civic or social practice.
No, I do not have experience with civic or social practice.
Select a response
Describe any concerns you may have about being involved in civic or social practice.
How would you describe your work experience as an artist?

I.e., types of projects, contributions to projects, interactions with employers, commission-based or contractual...

What challenges do you face as a working artist?
How do you see yourself as an artist leading or participating in the civic process?

This could be in terms of recruitment, compensation, collaboration, execution, social impact, etc.

Please describe what you would need to support your civic practice.

I.e., compensation, materials, environment, etc.

Which communities are you interested in working with?
What visions or ideas do you have regarding ways local governments and organizations can integrate arts and culture into planning and community development?
Are you interested in being included in a directory of artists to be considered for civic art opportunities and partnerships?
Yes, I would like to be included in the artist directory.
No, I would not like to be included in the artist directory.
Select a response
If you are interested in being included in the artist directory, please submit your name, email address, and a link to your work below:

Full or preferred name:

Email address:
If available, please provide a link to your work: