Existing Layout

The map below shows the current layout of Lacey Woods Park including the athletic field, multi-use court, restroom shelter, picnic shelter, and playground. This project aims to address one-for-one updates to the existing facilities that are at the end of their lifespan. This does not include the playground. A main opportunity is to enhance the layout of the restrooms and picnic shelter to allow for better visibility and connection with the other nearby facilities including the multi-use court and playground (to remain). The following tabs of this engagement will show two different layouts and opportunities for feedback. 


The existing conditions map shows the site with the athletic field to the west, basketball court, restroom shelter, and picnic shelter to the east, and playground to remain in the southeast.


Question title

How do you currently use Lacey Woods Park and the surrounding area? (select all that apply)

I live in a neighborhood close by
I play basketball
I play on the grass field
I use the picnic shelter near the playground
I use the playground
I walk the nature trail
I sit and enjoy nature
I use the fire pit
I don't use the site
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