map of project area


Happening Now

Over the past two weeks, our crews have diligently removed and replaced sidewalk in front of the following locations:

  • Sweet Treats (77, 81 Patton Ave)

  • Empire Tattoo (83 Patton Ave)

  • Apotheca (85 Patton Ave)

  • Yacht Club (87 Patton Ave

  • Sonora (89 Patton Ave)

  • Public Service Building (91 Patton Ave)

map of traffic control area

Traffic control update:

The current traffic control measures will remain in place for approximately two more weeks. We will provide updates as necessary and make modifications to the traffic control plan as needed. Whenever possible, staff will reopen the lane in the afternoons or over weekends to minimize disruptions. Beginning at the end of the day, July 3, staff will open the sidewalk and lift the lane closure to accommodate the holiday weekend.



Upcoming work (next 2 - 3 weeks):


In the next three to four weeks, our focus will shift to the area in front of Jack of the Wood (95 Patton Ave) and Thirsty Monk (92 Patton Ave).


Access to Thirsty Monk:

  • Temporary access to Thirsty Monk at 92 Patton Ave remains in place.

  • Additional coordination with the property owner and business owner is ongoing.

  • A sidewalk detour ensures the area remains accessible.

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we work to improve the public infrastructure along Patton Avenue.


This section of Patton Avenue was identified as a high priority project for ADA compliance in the GAP Plan adopted by City Council in 2022. A walkability study conducted by the Asheville Downtown Association identified 22 defects along this section of sidewalks, including trip hazards caused by buckling pavement and bulging tree roots. The study did not include the three non-compliant curb ramps that must be replaced for ADA compliance. 

On August 21 2023, the Housing and Community Development Council Committee recommended that a portion of 2023 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds be re-allocated for the purpose of this project. This will allow the City of Asheville to utilize federal funds to make this important infrastructure improvement.

On October 24, 2023, the Asheville City Council approved a project for the repair and enhancement of the sidewalk along the section of Patton Avenue between Asheland Avenue and Coxe Avenue. This project aligns with the City’s commitment to ensure that our public spaces meet the highest standards of safety and accessibility, as stipulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.


Once the project is ready for construction to begin, City staff will reach out to business owners along the corridor to collaboratively determine the best timeframe for construction in front of their businesses. We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions and will work closely with business owners to ensure that the construction process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Opportunities for Input

City Staff remains dedicated to work with property and business owners along the project area during construction. City staff will contact owners directly to coordinate access to buildings during construction. 


Frequently Asked Questions

City Council authorized the expenditure of $300,000 in CDBG funds to support the Patton Avenue project at their October 24, 2023 meeting. In order to meet HUD expenditure requirements, project funds need to be drawn down prior to June 30, 2024. Staff should be able to draw down the funding needed to meet HUD requirements by June 30 despite the Public Works team needing July and August to finalize project construction.

On May 20, construction work transitioned to the north side of Patton Ave., starting at 81 Patton Ave and proceeding westward to 115 Patton Ave. Coordinated sidewalk closures have been implemented, with access to business door fronts, Monday-Thursdays 7 a.m. - 5 p.m., weather depending until the project is complete. The remaining project work should be completed in September 2024. For more information on project timeline see the timeline below.

Summer is the most favorable time for concrete construction work due to weather conditions. Results from the Asheville Downtown Association survey noted the importance of leaf season which included a request for no construction work during the leaf and holiday season. If project construction is delayed until August, it will mean work will continue into the leaf season and the winter holidays, potentially increasing the impact to businesses and customers.


It is also important to note that the Public Works operations staff who are constructing this project have a limited capacity during inclement winter weather. This includes ice and snow removal duties along with normal challenges of doing construction during cold weather.


Delaying the project will also impact the planting schedule of new trees along the project, due to the availability of trees and timing not coinciding with the optimal planting seasons.


Additionally, portions of Patton Avenue and College Street will be repaved along with the installation of new traffic signals and a bike lane starting in early calendar year 2025. It is important to have the sidewalk project completed prior to the initiation of the repaving project to minimize the impact to downtown businesses, residents, and customers. Additional details about the scope and timing of the Patton/College repaving and bike lane project will be provided soon.

City staff have encountered some challenges in sourcing trees for planting at this time of year. Additonally, it is not the optimal planting season. City staff will be planting a mix of ginkgos, black gum trees, and little leaf lindens in the fall, prioritizing species that thrive in our local climate and urban areas. By changing the planting schedule it ensures the trees have the best chance to flourish and enhance our community for years to come. 

Crews have taken extra care to ensure continued access to local businesses and will continue to work with businesses to schedule construction in front of business access. As the project moves forward Public Works staff will contact business owners directly to coodinate construction work in front of business access.

Impacted Stakeholder Meeting

Businesses, residents and those impacted along the project corridor met with City staff on Tuesday, October 17, 2023.

City Council Meeting Public Comment

City Council approved on the CDBG allocations for 2023 at their regular meeting on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. 

Impacted Stakeholder Construction Input

Once City Staff has recieved approval to begin construction staff will reach out to impacted stakeholders to coordinate to minimize impacts.

Project Construction

Construction began on March 12, 2024. City Staff is working directly with property and business owners to coordniate access to buildings during construction. 

Estimated sidewalk completion - September 2024

Tree Planting - October 2024

City staff will be planting a mix of ginkgos, black gum trees, and little leaf lindens in the fall, prioritizing species that thrive in our local climate and urban areas. By changing the planting schedule it ensures the trees have the best chance to flourish and enhance our community for years to come.

Contact Information

Chad Bandy, Streets Division Manager

Public Works, Streets Division


Phone: (828) 259-5852