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Artist Kipp Kobayashi is interested in identifying traces of human activity left behind and imprinted into the structures and systems of our physical world like a patina. His public art practice stems from his experiences growing up as an Asian American, leading to a lifelong interest in deconstructing preconceived notions of who and what we are to understand better unique patterns that present a more nuanced interpretation of identity and cultural belonging.   

Visit Kipp Kobayashi's website to view some of his suspended art projects. 




To guide the public artist selection process, the County formed three advisory panels that included members of the Arlington community: the Technical Advisory Panel, the Art Advisory Panel, and the Public Art Committee. The committees met over the course of a year to define goals for the project, review artist submissions, and select artist Kipp Kobayashi. Based on this engagement, these three groups will ultimately recommend the final artwork design.

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