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The project logo Cherokee County Housing Outreach and Engagement

The project logo Cherokee County Housing Outreach and Engagement


Cherokee County is changing and so is its local housing market.

These changes have led to a growing mismatch between the local housing supply and the demand for a wide range of housing types at different price points. Over the next five years, the county and cities will be seeking solutions to meet the new and emerging housing market realities.

Check out the Cherokee County Housing Summit tab to watch a recording of the event.

Why You're Here

Recently, Cherokee County released a county-wide housing study by Bleakly Advisory Group. This report analyzed current and future market trends using demographics, housing supply, market trends, and other data.

To learn more about the findings and recommendations from the Bleakly Report, and to provide feedback, please proceed to the following tabs. 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

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Project Startup

  • Initial Project Meetings
  • Data Gathering

September-October 2020

Public Outreach and Engagement

  • Advisory committee meetings
  • Virtual Open House
  • Virtual Housing Summit

November 2020-February 2021

Summary Document

  • Final report summarizing the process and feedback gained

April-May 2021

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