Clancy Site: Share Your Vision

Thank you for your interest in the the Clancy Site, located at 516 West Cabarrus Street. As part of our ongoing commitment to build places that improve the quality of life of our residents, neighbors, businesses and visitors, we’d love your input on this new downtown project adjacent to Union Station. We are currently in the planning phases and would like to better understand your vision for the area to help make this project the best that it can be. 

What do you think are the issues that need to be addressed? What are the opportunities for improvements that should not be missed? This survey includes a few quick questions to help us begin to have a conversation about the future of this part of Raleigh.

Thank you for your time and we hope that you will continue to stay engaged throughout the planning process. Working together, we can position this project as a point of pride for all stakeholders by complementing and enhancing the characteristics of the surrounding neighborhood.

Kane Realty Poll:
How do you experience this area?
I live here
I pass through here regularly
I would like to live here
I come here for shopping or services
I work here
I own property here
I own or operate a business here
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Kane Realty Poll:
What is your age?
Under 18
Over 75
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Kane Realty Poll:
Please share your address or location:
Kane Realty Poll:
How strongly do you agree with the following statements:
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Kane Realty Poll:
Please rank the following topics in order of importance to you:
Bike/pedestrian safety and streetscape improvements
Connectivity to transit and greenways
Green space and land use
The effect of traffic on local streets
Housing (types of housing, affordability)
Other (if you select this option, please provide comments below)
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Kane Realty Poll:
What would you like to see this project achieve?
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Kane Realty Poll:
What opportunities for improvements should not be missed?
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Kane Realty Poll:
How can we ensure this project complements and enhances the character of the surrounding neighborhood?
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Kane Realty Poll:
Anything else we should know as we develop a vision for this site?
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Thanks for your time and we hope that you will continue to stay engaged throughout the planning process. We will incorporate feedback from this survey into our planning for the site and share updates at future public meetings.