All-In Clark County’s approach is to combat the impacts of climate change in Clark County and to make our community more sustainable and more climate resilient for generations to come. As Clark County’s population increases, traffic is also increasing.  More cars on the road means more pollution, congestion, and health impacts. Promoting reliable, accessible, and emissions-free transportation options will reduce our emissions, improve air quality, and make it easier for residents and visitors to get around. Southern Nevada Clean Cities Coalition improves air quality and reduces petroleum dependency with the use of alternative fuels, vehicles, infrastructure, and efficient technologies. 

One of the most effective ways of helping connect people to new tools and technology is for them to hear from others who’ve already taken the plunge and can talk about their experiences. So we’re collecting video stories from people across the community, from different backgrounds to help us get the word out — and we want to hear from you!

If you have a success story about owning or leasing an electric behicle (EV), here are some prompts to get you started. You can choose one, choose multiple, create your own — it’s up to you.

It’s your story, we just want to help tell it.

  • What helped you make the decision to own/lease an EV?
  • Were you able to take advantage of any available tax credits/rebates?
  • How does owning an EV save you money?
  • What made you make the switch to an EV? Walk us through it.
  • What is it like charging your EV? Walk us through it.
  • What could Electric Vehicle adoption mean for your community? (E.g., clean air, energy independence, etc.)
  • How has owning an EV changed your life?
  • Tell us your favorite road trip story in your EV, walk us through where you stopped to charge, the amount of storage space you had, etc.
  • How is your organization supporting the clean transportation transition?

AND REMEMBER: Please record your video message on a smartphone. You can take it selfie style or you can use a tripod, whichever you’re more comfortable with – inside your EV, in front of it, etc. Please minimize background noise as much as possible to ensure the best audio possible (using headphones may work best). Shorter videos tend to get shared more, so please aim for 30-60 seconds. Examples below! 

How to sumbit: 

You can use the hashtag #AllinClarkCounty and tag us on social media


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If you have any questions or need to sumbit your testomonial, contact: 

Olivia Burns

Environmental Specialist, Office of Sustainability

Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability





Article: Why You Should Consider Buying an Affordable Used EV


Video 1: Kelly Drives Electric Because It's Fun - YouTube 

Video 2: Chevy Bolt Charging

Video 3: Rivian Public Charging 

Video 4Tesla Pros and Cons


Photo examples: 

Lisa, Las Vegas resident: "Considering its size, the Bolt has a good amount of space inside. The front door pockets, center console and glovebox are adequate. The Bolt comes with an upgraded dual-level charge cord, which allows owners to swap between Level 1 (120-volt) and Level 2 (240-volt) charging. Forward collision mitigation and lane keeping assistance come standard on the Bolt, and you get blind-spot warning and a surround-view camera system with the 2LT. Great purchase - 9/10 recommend!"


Ted and Alisa, Las Vegas Car Club members, "We love our new Electric Mustang! Especially the cost savings and cleaner ride benefits. There are multiple colors available and styles to choose from. Las Vegas has a fun car community where there are many different events to meet others and show off our cars. There is always a charging stations throughout town. It was a smooth transition from a gas powered car! Plus we don't have to worry about additional maintenance such as oil changes! EVs are the way to go."