Understanding the User Question Portal

This page is the best place to ask questions and seek clarity on anything in the UDO. Charlotte Development Center Staff will be reviewing all questions submitted on this page and using the answers to develop resources and training for staff and users of the UDO. Staff will work to answer all questions and respond on a rolling basis, subject to the volume of questions submitted. Comments are intended to provide guidance and are nonbinding on the formal review of the development plans. We appreciate your patience as we work through all the questions.

As you submit questions for staff please keep a few things in mind:

1. Be as detailed as possible. Comments with section references or page numbers from the UDO are the most helpful for staff to understand and answer. 

2. Focus on questions, avoid comments. Questions submitted on this portal should help to provide clarity on adopted standards. As the UDO is an adopted ordinance, the public comment period has concluded. Comments on the merits of standards in the UDO will not receive an answer from staff.

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UDO Transition Fact Sheet

Check out the UDO Transition Fact sheet to learn about the changeover to the UDO. This sheet contains information on zoning translations, rezonings, and permitting process as Charlotte transitions to the UDO. The UDO will become effective June 1, 2023. VIEW HERE