COAST Comprehensive Operations Analysis Survey


COAST is undertaking a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) between September 2018 and July 2020. We will evaluate all our services and reshape them based on community priorities, feedback, demand, and available resources. This is an exciting opportunity to shape our transit system for the future.

The success of this project will be largely determined by community engagement and input through opportunities such as this survey.


Why is a COA necessary?

Communities are always changing. This has been especially true in the 4 cities and 6 towns that make up COAST’s service area.

The places that residents, workers, and visitors want to travel to and from have changed, as well as the number of people who travel between these areas. Similarly, the days and hours that people work, and shop have also changed.

Funding for COAST services is also changing. A large project that enables 30-minute frequencies on Routes 2, 40 & 41 during the peak commuting periods is coming to an end in mid-2020. We must plan how to best adapt to this change in the financial support for our operations.

After 37 years of serving the community with an ever-evolving Public Transportation network, the time has come for COAST to reevaluate the best way to meet the region’s changing needs. As part of this process, COAST is performing this COA to determine how service might be maximized and improved.


What will the end result be?

The COA will help us take a thorough look at our entire system; retaining the strongest features of the network, while also identifying new opportunities to potentially better serve the region, beginning in July of 2020. The final set of services will be significantly influenced by the feedback we receive along the way.

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