Intersection of College and Academy Streets 

Traffic engineers are considering two options for traffic flow at this key intersection.

Alternative #1

street map showing two left turn lanes

This option would provide a safer environment for pedestrians by moving a lower volume of traffic through the intersection at a slower rate utilizing two dedicated left turn lanes. This option best meets the project goal of achieving a safer pedestrian environment by eliminating an additional conflict point between vehicles and pedestrians.

  • Left Turn Lanes: 2
  • Through Lanes: 2
  • Enhanced pedestrian and bicyclist safety
    • Shorter crossing distance of College St on west (left) leg
    • “Protected” crossing of Academy Street on south (lower) leg – no conflict w/turning traffic
  • Increased westbound traffic queueing (compared to existing conditions)

map showing one left turn lane and one shared lane

Alternative #2

This option would move a higher volume of traffic through the intersection at a faster rate utilizing one exclusive left turn lane and one shared left/through lane.

  • Left Turn Lanes: 1 exclusive, 1 shared
  • Through Lanes: 3 (including 1 shared)
  • Reduced pedestrian and bicyclist safety
    • Longer crossing distance of College St on west (left) leg
    • “Unprotected” crossing of Academy St on south – left turning vehicles must yield to peds and sight lines can be obscured with 2 cars turning together
    • Leading ped interval recommended 
  • Similar westbound traffic queuing (compared to existing conditions)

Question title

Which left turn alternative would you prefer at the intersection of College and Academy?

Alternative #1 - Two dedicated left turn lanes
Alternative #2 - One dedicated left turn lane and one optional left turn lane
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Question title

Please share any additional feedback you may have on the improvement plans for this section of College/Buncombe Street.

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