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On the list below, please select all of the responses that apply to you. Your responses to this question, while optional, are incredibly important. They help to ensure that the strategies included in the Coordinated Plan best represent the diverse needs and interests of the community.

My primary language is English or I speak and read English well
I am 17 years old or younger
I am 18-24 years old
I am 25-64 years old
I am 65 years old or older
I identify as a woman
I identify as a man
I identify as non-binary or other gender
I am or consider myself to be disabled
Five (5) or more people live in my household
My household's combined income is at or under $53,000 per year
I am of Hispanic, Latinx, or Spanish origin of any race
I represent a minority race or 2+ races (African American, Asian, South Asian, American Indian, Alaska Native, Middle Eastern, Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander)
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