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The project logo Holly Springs Road Widening (Flint Point Lane to Sunset Lake Road)

The project logo Holly Springs Road Widening (Flint Point Lane to Sunset Lake Road)

Widening Holly Springs Road from Flint Point Lane to Sunset Lake Road to a four-lane road with bike lanes and sidewalks. This project will increase road capacity ahead of the 540 interchange planned on Holly Springs Road. Also, upgrading bridge over Middle Creek will improve public safety as the current bridge area floods during heavy rain events.

Public Engagement


The purpose of this public forum is to provide information on the proposed Holly Springs Road Improvements Project (from Flint Point Lane to Sunset Lake Road) and gather input from you on the proposed design. The designs shown are preliminary and subject to change. The Town used feedback from other projects as well as Town planning meetings to guide this initial design. We're open to your feedback on what is being proposed.

You may submit written comments by using the form on this website. 

You may also submit comments via mail or email to Tim Athy (contact information below) no later than March 31, 2020. The Town will review all comments and take them into consideration as the design continues.

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Project Purpose


The purpose of the project is to improve vehicular and pedestrian mobility along the corridor. For drivers, the project will provide a consistent four-lane, median divided roadway with additional road capacity ahead of the I-540 interchange. For pedestrians and bicyclists, it will improve mobility within the corridor. 

Project Cost and Schedule


This project is primarily funded by the Town of Holly Springs transportation bond approved by voters in 2018 and could potentially receive additional funding from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2021. Project schedule is subject to change.




Project Description


The Town of Holly Springs is proposing to improve Holly Springs Road from Flint Point Lane to Sunset Lake Road. Proposed improvements include:

  • Widening from two to four lanes with a median, curb, and gutter.
  • Widen outside lanes for shared-use with bicyclists.
  • Adding 8-foot sidewalks on both sides for a majority of the project for shared pedestrian and bicyclist use.
  • Improved pedestrian mobility through the corridor.
  • Reduced likelihood of flooding at Middle Creek crossing.
  • Improving the horizontal and vertical curvature to meet the current design standards.
  • Revised access to Holly Ridge Elementary School and Holly Ridge Middle School to improve functionality during pick-up and drop-off.


This project is planned to connect to the another Town of Holly Springs project that proposes widening along Holly Springs Road from Main Street (NC 55) to Flint Point Lane, which is anticipated to start construction at the beginning of 2021.

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Comments on the proposed typical section (four lanes with a median, wide outside lanes, and wide sidewalks):
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Coments regarding the proposed access to businesses, neighborhoods, and other community resources:
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Project Contact

Tim Athy, Transportation Engineer
Town of Holly Springs
(919) 577-3128

[email protected]
P.O. Box 8 Holly Springs, NC 27540