The Downtown Public Realm Plan, part of the District's Streets for People project, is an effort to re-envision the public streets, sidewalks, alleys, and parks of the downtown core to better enable a people-centric, vibrant, and inclusive collection of mixed-use neighborhoods – a Living Downtown connected to the broader city where all are welcome.


This effort is broken up into several stages:

  • Existing Conditions Assessment, including a Public Life Study – to understand and catalog the existing strengths and challenges facing the Downtown public realm.
  • Vision Framework – to craft a bold new vision for the future of Downtown through input from a range of stakeholders and caretakers that is equitable, inclusive, and sustainable for generations to come.
  • Conceptual Project Proposals – to recommend implementation projects both large and small that can help facilitate the transition to a Living Downtown of mixed-use neighborhoods.      



What is a Public Life Study?

Public life is about the everyday activities that people naturally take part in when they spend time with each other outside their homes, workplaces, and cars. Public life studies analyze observed human behavior in shared spaces to inform policy, regulations, and public space design.

Click here for more information on previous Office of Planning-led public life initiatives.



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