Happening Now

Rankin Avenue Garage:

The upper levels of the Rankin Avenue garage are now back open. The supplemental steel supports for the top levels are in place, and the repairs to the down ramp from level 3 are complete. 

Wall Street Garage:

The elevator landing repairs are complete. The elevators are back in full service.

Project Update:

The Immediate-Priority Repairs project is now wrapping up. We are 95% complete with the structural repairs that started in the Fall of 2023 at the Wall Street, Rankin Avenue and Harrah's Cherokee Center parking garages.  Pending budget approval in the new fiscal year that begins July 1st, the next phase of prioritized repairs--focused around the leaning, sealing and waterproofing of the concrete and steel surfaces--is scheduled for the later half of 2024.

Immediate Priority Repairs and Accessibility Improvements

  • Impacted Facilities: Wall Street, Rankin Ave, Harrah’s Cherokee Center Garages.
  • Repairs needed for stairwells, elevator landings, and deck improvements.
  • ADA: resizing of ADA spaces, new striping, relocation of select ADA parking spaces, cane detection, signage
  • Start Fall 2023 / Complete Winter 2024

High Priority Repairs

  • Waterproofing, joint seal replacements, mechanical, electrical and drainage repairs.

  • Start Summer 2024 - Complete Spring 2026

Medium Priority Repairs and Enhancement

  • Full replacement of Harrah’s Cherokee Center garage  stairwells, replacement of framing at Wall Street elevator landings, guard rail replacements, signage and wayfinding improvements.

  • Start: Summer 2025 - Complete Spring 2026

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In addition to the facility condition assessment, the consultants were also engaged to provide capital planning. This included an analysis comparing the costs of 1) a plan to repair and maintain the garages versus  2) a plan to replace the garages.  

  • The analysis showed that over a 30-year period the cost of replacing the garages is 2 to 2 ½ times the cost of making the recommended repairs and implementing a preventative maintenance program.

  • A phased program of construction repairs will be on-going over the next 2½ years.  

  • Construction will be scheduled with the goal of minimizing impacts to parking availability as much as possible.  

  • Certain parking spaces and sections of garages will be periodically closed to accommodate construction activities.  At times a garage might  be closed entirely.

The parking garages are safe and will remain open for parking as normal, with the exception of the select scheduled closures.

  • The estimate for the repairs on all four of the garages is $11.3 million.  Once complete,  an annual maintenance budget of $1.06 million, escalated annually for inflation, is recommended.

  • Over a 30-year period the costs average out to less than $2 per day per parking space.


Parking Structure

30-year Repair & Maintenance

(in 2023 dollars)

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